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The OH SNAP of Snap Inc.

In 2011 the social media platform Snapchat was created. It has been 6 years since that September day when the app was released, and every day since keeps getting more exciting.

Success rolled in for the disappearing image, ghost icon platform and many people were taking notice, especially the social media giants. In 2013, Mark Zuckerberg offered $3 billion, IN CASH, to Snapchat’s young creators. Their response to the Facebook creator and social media mogul? Nah.

Interesting enough, following this offer, Snapchat’s creators bought their 6 employees (at the time) the book The Art of War. Oh and it has definitely been war since then.


If you have been living under a rock the past couple of days, you may have missed that Snap Inc.’s stock officially opened on Thursday, March 2nd with a price of $24. Throughout the day, the company was said to be worth between $24 -$33 billion … Oh snap!

4 years ago, Snap Inc.’s young creators could have easily given in to the power of Facebook. A shiny giant in the social media world along with a nice $3 billion. But these young men were smart, they didn’t stop in their tracks for something shiny and of course, the money. Instead, over the past 4 years, they launched 4 different products. 3 are a part of Snapchat and 1 was a completely new product and sector of the company, Spectacles. Being only 1 year younger than the creators, I am in complete awe of their leadership, maturity and social media brains. (See my recent quote on this here.)

By now we have said OH SNAP – twice. This might have you asking, should I be on Snapchat? Using Spectacles? Should my company do both too? The answer is yes … and if what I wrote above hasn’t convinced you, I’ll keep trying.

Personal Use

  • You should be on Snapchat! It is a modern form of communication. In an instant, you can send images with funny/attractive/scary filters, to your friends. Send it to a few friends, or everyone that follows you, literally with a quick tap. You can also send messages, and most recently the platform allows you to group chat.

  • Don't worry ... this is no longer just a teenage fad (or even younger.) According to eMarketer, the demographics for the platform are beginning to change.

  • You should use Spectacles too! These hip lenses allow an all-inclusive “through the eyes” look. In the past, a pair has been almost impossible to find, but now it is easier to obtain with pop up store in NYC, third party sites like eBay and even in a new Spectacles online store!

Business Use

  • Your business should test out Snapchat. Trust me, I know not every social platform is for every single business. BUT ... with Snapchat's recent popularity spike and updated features, it may be time for businesses to start testing out the platform.

  • There's a possibility you can reach a new audience on this platform. You can do this by using different types of content (Snapchat offers the opportunity for live video and images with filters, texts, icons, etc.)

  • Want to pay? Geofilters are AFFORDABLE! ~$5 for 20,000 square feet. You can also dive into other paid efforts, if you have the money. Here’s the breakdown of $$$.


It is a hot time for Snap Inc. Whether you want to try out Snapchat for personal/business use, buy yourself a sweet pair of Spectacles or even invest … now is the time.

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