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The Top 10 Quotes from #SMMW17

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, California. For 3 days I was surrounded by top influencers in the social sphere and people, like myself, who live and breathe social media every day.

I attended workshops and sessions that both blew my mind and assured me that I was on the right track for my business. The speakers were incredible and I walked away with some great social media insights.

Thank goodness for Twitter during this event, where else was I going to send out all the amazing quotes I heard live?! There were a lot, but the 10 below stood out to me as the Top Quotes from #SMMW17!

  • "Be an expert at the way you do it." ~Chalene Johnson

  • “Let’s put the social back in social media.” ~Brian Fanzo

  • "Hit em where they ain't. That's the key to finding your space." ~Mark Schaefer

  • "Social Selling bridges the gap between sales & marketing." ~Koka Sexton

  • "Our best weapon is to out-educate our competitors." ~Shama Hyder

  • "Great customer experience creates volunteer marketers." ~Jay Baer

  • "Social and digital is an opportunity to better pay attention to our customers." ~Alison J. Herzog

  • "Social business is everyone's business. You need thick skin to be in social media." ~Caitlin Angeloff

  • “Algorithms are a nightmare for marketers.” ~Michael Stelzner

  • "Market like a magnet. Attract the best, repel the rest." ~ChrisDucker


What a smart group of social media people, am I right?!

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