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Hey Twitter! What's Next?

Social media platforms have been stepping up their games lately by introducing some amazing new updates. And no, I am not talking about the 100+ new "Stories" feature you can find everywhere... (I'm rolling my eyes at you Facebook!)

While I may be rolling my eyes at Facebook, the platform is making major updates in the paid and organic space along with its partner in crime, Instagram. Snapchat continues to succeed with updates, my most recent favorites are the group chat feature and the AR experience within the filters. And on a more serious, professional level, LinkedIn has completely changed its entire user experience and more advanced analytics are coming our way.

These updates are all great...but what is up with Twitter? The last time a significant update made us lose our breath was photos & videos no longer counting towards 140 ... but hey, URLs still take up SO much space! Twitter is by far one of the top social media platforms for both personal and business use. I am dying for a new update! This platform has a lot of potential ...

So what is next, Twitter? Since I don't expect the platform or Jack Dorsey to answer me directly, I asked my expert marketing friends, Sam Hurley & Joe Martin, for their answers! Oh and you'll hear mine too...


Sam absolutely loves the majority of us, right?! Something is holding the platform back, though, and this could be causing its lack of growth. Sam believes Twitter needs to start listening to its users - what do we want? Is Twitter too big and distant to listen to us? Sam thinks this may be the case.

He does have high hopes though!

"I hope the team at Twitter make genuine moves to engage With their user-base and reach out to those outside of that base, too. This could be achieved through a solid campaign — Which would also benefit PR. It could be a smooth road to regaining growth and of course, trust." ~Sam Hurley

But wait there's more! Sam also feels that Twitter can search for fresh, top-level talent, expand innovation like Facebook, and sell more assets to boost capital, and then re-invest.


Joe is a long time Twitter user and he has high hopes (just like Sam, literally they both said this!) for the platform - he is excited about Biz Stone's return! Aren't we all?!

Along with the excitement of Biz, Joe feels strongly about Twitter's live video/event capabilities. The platform can definitely expand in this area, just like their NFL partnership. (I agree, if anyone is taking cable head on, it's Twitter.) If Twitter can continue to invest in SoMoVid, Joe's word for Social, Mobile and Video, it will expand its reach. He also sees success with integration of UGC content.

"Twitter can’t forget who they are. A social platform highly integrated into the media industry that provides a conversational and thought leadership outlet for individuals and brands." ~Joe Martin

The future will be bright for Twitter, according to Joe, as long as they focus on strengths and improve weaknesses!


My turn! Well, my answer may be a little more far-fetched than Sam and Joe's.

To start, I want to see a partnership or an acquisition, and by acquisition, I want Twitter to be acquired. Rumors, speculations, etc. have been flying around this for a while, but I need to see it happen. Who buys Twitter? I am into an acquisition from Microsoft or Apple ... dream big, right? On the partnership side, Snapchat immediately comes to mind. The other day Social Chain created a fake news story around this partnership and I nearly lost it! Twitter and Snapchat taking on Facebook? WOW! What a battle!

Aside from a partnership or acquisition, a cool update I would like to see is media within Twitter Polls. I love Twitter Polls, they are beyond engaging, but something else is needed to make them POP - that would be an image, GIF, or video.

"Twitter has so much potential, it is one of the most unique social media platforms I have ever used. I am ready for them to start using their potential and dominate the social sphere." ~Katelyn Brower


So Twitter ... Whats' next?

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